My Story

My name is Adrian Kutnik and YES, I’m a real person. I’m licensed in Music and Software Development and I’ve been doing online marketing for over 8 years. In the first 3-4 years of my online journey I have bought countless courses, WSO’s and software, some were good – others not.

The downside of the matter is that I lost my time and got a hole in my budget of about $6-7K. The good thing is that I learned – the hard way in fact, to distinguish a good and valuable product from an outdated and crappy one that doesn’t work nowadays anymore. And the market is full of them, trust me.

In the end, I found my way and adopted a business model that I think suits me and which I continue to develop with notable results.

Welcome - Adrian Kutnik

I emphasize this to show you that I really review and try the products that I recommend on this site, based on my previous experience. If the digital product is good and has the potential to make money, you will know. If it’s a rehashed one or lacks something important, you’ll know it too.

Thus you will be able to form a pertinent opinion about the IM product and if it is worth buying or not. I hope you find my advice useful and remember that I am here to help you make a favorable decision.

Feel free to comment on anything here. I’ll reply as soon as possible, guaranteed!